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Tea TreeEverything you wanted to know about silk. (adapted from the article, 'Silk. Very Easy. Very Natural')

Value. Silk. It Speaks for Itself
An article produced from silk becomes a prized possession of timeless beauty and elegance. Silk is an investment in fashion, never outdated it gives garments that 'something special' that makes people notice.

For a special occasion or that special feeling only silk can give, consider the value
of silk against lesser fibres and synthetics. A silk garment will justify the effort which has gone into its creation.

Natural - Nature's Second Skin
Silk fibres are layers of protein built up to give a pearly sheen, this gives Silk its luxurious sensuous feel.
Like human hair, silk responds to care and attention and reacts to harsh treatment. Don't bleach it, don't leave it in harsh sunlight or it will fade the colour.

Silk is natural, it feels good against the skin. It is non-combustable, which makes it ideal for babies and childrens wear. In fact, silk is used in surgical dressing for burns because it becomes absorbed into the human skin.

Uniqueness - Its Natural
Often in silk you will see tiny marks, these occasional variations in weave or finish are in no way to be considered as flaws. They are characteristic of fine natural silk which has been reeled off the cocoon. This gives silk its unique beauty, texture and adds individuality to each article made from silk.

Cool silk/warm silk - Luxury Feel
Why does silk feel cool in summer and warm in winter? Silk absorbs moisture far more than plastic fibres. In winter it holds a thermal shell against the cold and in summer the evaporation of moisture from the silk makes in feel cool against the skin.

Caring - Easy Silk
Silk is a luxury fibre. Whilst delicate, it is extremely strong and hard wearing. Treated properly it will retain its good looks and feel. It will give excellent value and long service. All silks can be drycleaned. Many silks can be gently hand washed. Wash or dryclean silk regularly before the garment becomes too soiled as this can cause a breakdown of the fibres.

Washing Instructions
Hand wash in luke warm water, using a liquid detergent. Rinse well in warm then cold water.
Add half a cup of vinegar to final rinse. This brings back the silks' natural sheen.
Dry away from direct sunlight or roll in a towel and iron whilst still damp.

We will be adding some instructions for different ways to tie your scarves soon!